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Saxophone A single reed is clamped to a mouthpiece at the top of the instrument and vibrates against the mouthpiece when air is blown between the reed and the...
Flute Originally made of wood, the flute is now made from silver or gold and is about 2 feet in length. It looks like a narrow tube with a row of holes covered...
clarinet oboe
Clarinet & Oboe Made from wood, the clarinet produces a fluid sound when air is blown between a single reed and the mouthpiece. By pressing metal keys with the fingers...
Trumpet The Trumpet produce their unique sound by the player buzzing his/her lips while blowing air through a cup- or funnel-shaped mouthpiece...
Trombone The mouthpiece of the trombone is larger than that of a trumpet, and gives the instrument a more mellow sound. Instead of valves...
french horn
French Horn The horn or French horn consists of about 12 feet of narrow tubing wound into a circle. The player obtains different notes on the horn with a clear mellow...
electric guitar
Electric Guitar An electric guitar is a type of guitar that uses pickups to convert the vibration of its steel-cored strings (sometimes nickel) into an electrical current...
bass guitar
Bass Guitar The electric bass guitar (also called electric bass,or simply bass; pronounced / be s/, as in "base") is a stringed instrument played primarily with the ...
acoustic guitar
Acoustic Guitar "An acoustic guitar is a guitar that uses only acoustic methods to project the sound produced by its strings. The term is a retronym...
classical guitar
Classical Guitar "The classical guitar, also known as the ""nylon string guitar"" is a plucked string instrument from the family of instruments called chordophones..
Violin The violin is the soprano voice in the string family. It is held under the chin, resting on the shoulder. The violin has a lovely tone that can be soft and...
Viola The viola is the alto voice in the string family. Like the violin, it is held under the chin, resting on the shoulder. Unlike the violin...
Cello The violoncello or cello is the tenor voice in the string family. While shaped like a violin, the cello is much larger and is held between the players knees...
double bass
Double Bass The double bass, or string bass is the largest and lowest instrument of the string family. The double bass has rounded shoulders instead of square...
conga bongo
Conga & Bongo Most modern congas have a staved wooden or fiberglass shell, and a screw-tensioned drumhead. They are usually played in sets of two to four with...
mini gifts
Mini Gift Mini musical instruments are small size musical instruments,hand-made,with size from 4cm to 25cm.You can find them with separately packing with...
mini percussion instruments
Mini Percussion Instrument With a name that means, "the hitting of one body against another," instruments in the percussion family are played by being struck, shaken, or scraped...
accessories fittings
Accessories & Fittings The whole line of musical instrument accessories & fittings,saxophone mouthpiece,reed,cleaning cloth,oil;guitar and violin strings...
bags cases
Bags & Cases Music Bags & Cases,packing for musical instruments,either for better shipment or easy carrying,right now we can offer the bags & cases with material...
Others The melodica, also known as 'blow-organ' is a free-reed instrument similar to the accordion and harmonica. It has a musical keyboard on top...

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